Referral Pathway

The ECHO referral pathway is a comprehensive and efficient process, ensuring that individuals receive appropriate care and support as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We support the individual, their family and carers and the entire care team in every aspect of this process. Referrals can be accepted in the following ways;

  • Fill in the online referral form
  • Email by completing the referral form and using the following email address:
  • Contacting the Customer Relationship Manager at the relevant service:
  • Contacting the relevant Service directly, who will pass on your details to the Customer Relationship Manager

Referrals can be accepted from:

  • Social Workers
  • Care Managers
  • CPN’s
  • Commissioners
  • Individuals and Families

A variety of services are provided to meet the needs of individuals. Packages of treatment and care are tailor made for the individual and may include short stay, extended rehabilitation or longer-term placements.