Careers & Working for Echo

Our staff teams are the essential ingredient to making it possible for the people who use our services. The rewards are enormous when you see the difference you can make with your work every day.

It takes a special sort of person to work in this environment, someone who enjoys working as part of a team, has energy and determination to achieve results, who can see things from another person’s point of view, can solve problems and form lasting relationships built on trust. It can be tough but we need people who can bounce back each day and improve their skills and performance to achieve better results each time.

ECHO can offer its employees a wide range of rewarding opportunities. We are totally committed to training and developing our staff with a wide range of training and externally recognised vocational and academic training qualifications offered to all. We are equally committed to developing our employees to progress within the Company, learn new skills and take on new challenges. Staff wellbeing is a key issue to us and we strive to ensure our staff teams remain happy, motivated and fulfilled at work.

We are committed to employing a workforce that is as diverse and unique as the people we support. For many roles previous experience is not required, training will be provided and we value the work ethic, personality and attitude of mind you bring to your working life.