Our Values

As an organisation we provide personalised services for people with learning disabilities and complex mental health conditions. Currently this is in Care Homes with Nursing, Residential Care Home settings and Supported Living services.

Our services are focused on working with each individual and ensuring their needs and aspirations are embedded in all that we do. This means that the support we provide has the person at the very centre, the focus of our approach is on what is important to them. We believe that these individualised plans give us a firm foundation for support, enabling us to continually listen and learn about what is important to an individual now and in the future, and to act in partnership with them, their family and/or representatives.
To do this, naturally we maintain the highest standards of support and care but we also think that adhering to the highest core values is equally important;

  • We respect the individual
  • We support and encourage initiative and creativity
  • We act with integrity, honesty and commitment
  • We support people holistically, recognising all their needs
  • We focus on ability and aspirations
  • We work in partnership

Our support is designed to help achieve positive outcomes for individuals. For this to be effective, we believe that individuals must be recognised and supported as active assessors of their own needs, planners of their own support and services and co-producers of their own outcomes.