Malsis Hall and implementation of the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018.

The Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018 is being fully implemented by the Government from the end of March this year.

The Act officially only applies to hospital setting but we have applied the best practice principles contained within the Act across all the services provided at Malsis Hall.

The aims of the Act are to ensure that people are treated equally, and their human rights respected as well as aiming to reduce the use of force in mental health units.

Malsis Hall consulted patients, service users and families during a review of its policies to ensure it complies with the Act. The consultation was conducted with the support of independent advocacy and views were considered as Malsis Hall developed its policies and procedures in relation to the Act.

These policies and procedures now detail how Malsis Hall keeps people safe and treated well and that any restrictive practice or ‘use of force’ are only used as an ‘absolute’ last resort.

The service also has produced a restraint reduction plan and created an easy-read version of the Act and how Malsis Hall has responded to it, which is available on its page on the ECHO website.

Any potential use of restrictive practice must be documented in each service user’s care plan after being discussed and agreed with them.  Such action will only be included to protect an individual’s safety and to support their health and wellbeing.

All Malsis Hall staff receive in depth training in relation to the use of force with this primarily looking at how to avoid any physical or restrictive interventions. The training reinforces the Hall’s philosophy that everyone is respected and treated equally regardless of their background or differences.

Dr Steve Wilkinson, our group medical director, is nominated as our Responsible Person and it is his responsibility to ensure we comply with the Act.

If anyone has any questions about Malsis Hall and its implementation of this Act please do not hesitate to email Dr Wilkinson on