Michelle Davis – Care Home Manager

Michelle qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 2009 from the University of Bradford. She has worked in NHS frontline acute inpatient services as a Nurse and a Nurse Manager. Whilst working as Nurse Manager of an acute older adult inpatient service Michelle helped ensure that the unit met all CQC regulatory requirements relating to the Mental Health Act.

Michelle returned to the University of Bradford and completed her Masters in Advanced Nurse Practice in 2018. Michelle also worked as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner on a dementia assessment unit with adults living with dementia supporting their transition from hospital back to the community. Michelle ensured a safe transfer of care to the new care provider by making sure that all clinical care plans were shared with the new team to continue supporting the person on their journey.

Michelle is passionate about quality care delivery and advocates strongly on behalf of Service Users. Michelle is excited to join the team at Malsis Hall and is looking forward to developing her knowledge and skills within a rehabilitation setting.